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10 idées pour gérer les futur(s), selon 10 gourous


1_BJ Fogg

Big Idea: Mobile technology will be the most powerful way to influence consumers in the next 15 years.

2_Patrick Lencioni

Big Idea: Most executives don't realize that the internal health of a company is key to its success.

3_Rakesh Khurana

Big Idea: Charismatic CEOs don't work; management needs to become a profession, like law.

4_Valerie Casey

Big Idea: A Kyoto Protocol for designers

5_Don Sull

Big Idea: Welcome uncertainty in turbulent times.

6_Joel Podolny

Big Idea: Business schools must teach real-life problem solving.

7_Nouriel Roubini

Big Idea: Create a new global regulatory framework.

8_Janine Benyus

Big Idea: Innovate by imitating, or "mimicking" nature.

9_Dan Ariely

Big Idea: People are predictably irrational

10_Niko Canner

Big Idea: Companies tend to avoid change, or change at the expense of their core strengths.


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