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Tendance Techno, vers le Connected Visual Computing

cvcsegments-jobigeorge-300x270 intel virtual.jpg

Et non, les univers virtuels, la réalité augmentée, le metaverse ne sont pas gadget !!! Un signal fort en provenance d'Intel !!! Virtual Worlds, social web and web3.0 are some of the recent cool buzzwords making the rounds recently. Everybody seems to have a different view and definition for each one of them. Intel had been looking into the space for some time and see this as as the next logical evolution of web, where “connectedness” and “immersion” (not just richness) come together to bring us to an era of  “Connected Visual Computing”.

Jim Held , Intel Fellow put out the concept and requirements behind Connected Visual Computing (CVC) recently in a keynote at Intel Developer Forum (IDF). Connected Visual Computing is the seen as the next stop on the Intel’s “Visual Computing”vision. Visual Computing is the first stop on our road map where we bring almost real 3D rendering experience to Intel platforms, and are truly driving home the message of “Looks Real, Acts Real, Feels Real”.


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