mercredi, 28 décembre 2011

Cap sur les tendances 2012

45005.jpgJWT10 trends for 2012


10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2012

The last few years have seen a sea of changes in business intelligence (BI). The proliferation of data and advances in technologies are pushing the pace of innovation.


Perspectives économiques 2012 au niveau mondial


Digital trends 2012 for Healthcare marketing


Nonprofit Marketing 2012


Insights 2012

A new annual report that examines the key marketing trends and digital technologies that will impact businesses in the year ahead. Through a combination of proprietary research and commentary, SapientNitro subject matter experts present their global perspectives and recommendations on how business leaders can successfully embrace the challenges posed by today’s complex business environment.


Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions 2012


12 thèmes prospectifs selon Ross Dawson


12 trends selon Trendwatching



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